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Brittany N. Gathing

Author -Mermaid
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My Story

Brittany N. Gathing Is a mom of two beautiful girls and military wife who left her job as a daycare provider to pursue her dreams of becoming a published fantasy author. Brittany spends her free time reading, writing, and painting. As a child, she traveled to Europe and the Middle East as her family followed her father throughout his military career.

Brittany is currently working on her first fantasy novel and an ongoing Short story blog. Her stories are inspired by her love for all things fantasy and her strong belief in the mysteries of the ocean.        

"Writing has always been a part of my life through the good times and bad. It's the part of me that refused to die out when everyone else said I would fail. I hope because of that, I can show my girls that they can do and be anything they want to be no matter what anyone says."   


The Traveler's Journey Trailer
Read the series here:

Enjoy this book trailer for my short story

The Traveler's Journey 

 Created by: Free Spirit Book Trailers


The Unseen 
Book Trailer

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