The Traveler's Journey Pt. Two

Papa cradled me in his arms as I shook violently. He held me closer to his chest squeezing me tight, but the shaking wouldn’t stop. The fear of facing the reality of my vision keeps me from opening my eyes. I can here Ama’s voice shooing away my audience, their questions going unanswered. “Here, give her this.” I heard Ama say to Papa. “It will help calm her down.” Papa put a small vial to my lips trying to encourage me to drink after a few tries I give in. Calmness washes over me, and I drifted into a dreamless sleep. When I woke this time, it was barely dawn. Out the window, I could see the tiniest sliver of the sun on the horizon. I was in Ama’s wagon. Her beautifully woven gold and pur

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