The Traveler's Journey part 3

What did I do? What- did- I- do?!? Ken led me back into the tavern and closed the door behind him, locking it tight. “Willow?” Ken called, and a short blonde woman entered the room. “Close up and tell anyone who stops by we’re out of rooms from the night, I’ll explain it all to you later.” Her eyes widened with fear when she looked at my blood-smeared face, and then she ran to do as she was told. “Yuck! I think his blood got in my mouth,” Liam said as he spat and rinsed his mouth with ale from the bar. “Is she going to be okay?” “I think she’s in shock, here wet this,” Ken said throwing a cloth to Liam. “Can you hear me, Lenora? It’s Ken,” “I killed him,” was all I could bring myself to say.

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