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Kamilia Thornheart

In my story, Kami is one of the “cursed ones,” the Royals call them the Unseen slaves. As a slave in the Kingdom of Wistlain, she is forced to cover everything from the tips of her fingers to the bottom of her feet, leaving only her eyes uncovered to see. To the Royals Kami is known by her number 17 that was assigned to her at birth and stitched to the forehead of her mask. By the brandings on the palms of her hands and the back of her neck, The Royals ensured the Unseen could never escape without being found out. Ready to fight back and take her life into her own hands, Kami finds herself risking it all to escape and find a way to free her people.
Art by: @storytelling_art


Prince Elijah Latimer

 After being sent away by his mother, Queen Cari, to study and train abroad, he has returned to take his place at court as the next heir to the throne of Wistlain. Everything that he’s learned thus far could not have prepared him for what his father, King Lazarus, has in store for The Unseen. Elijah finds himself  Challenging his father and having to do whatever it takes to stop him before he destroys their kingdom and everyone in it.
Art by amazing artist @storytelling_art

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